Monday, February 7, 2011

Mosquitoes Are Jumping and the Cotton is High

Well it would appear that Summer has arrived. The only alternative explanation for the weather is that the Earth is about to plunge into the Sun. My the days have just skipped by haven't they? It seems like no more than six months ago I was writing a blog entry about Winter. As I recall I bitched a little about the cold. I will try and avoid using my Summer blog entry as an excuse to bitch about the heat.

My Christ its hot! It is so freaking hot! Hot hot hot hot!!! As you may have guessed from the preceding things are a little warm at my domicile. The season may have been a little late getting here but it is making up for lost time now. Summer has descended upon us like a ravening vulture upon a mortally wounded wildebeest. Victoria is under water, Queensland is under water and what isn't under water has been flattened by a cyclone. Bits of Western Australia are burning down as we speak and as for me well the water in my pool has been so warm for the last few nights that it was barely refreshing. As you can see things are tough all round.

Still, I like Summer. As seasons go it is definitely in the top four. Summer speaks of long warm nights and lazy sleep filled days (some of them on weekends). Summer is the time of cricket and tennis both of which I love because I enjoy watching other people run around in thirty degree heat while I sprawl in my armchair and only get up to freshen the ice in my drink. At night the gentle drone of mosquitoes lulls me to sleep.

Oh all right, the droning of the mosquitoes is giving me the shits. I don't mind sharing a little of my blood with these nocturnal flatmates but that whine of theirs sets my teeth on edge. If evolution knew its job it would have made the mosquito drone a gentle soporific tone to encourage sleep in the intended victim. Instead we get a noise which makes it sound like we're being attacked by airborne band saws thus prompting frantic slapping and the invention of insect repellent. Still I suppose that that noise is the only thing that stops us from waking as dessicated corpses.

Speaking of dessicated corpses I understand Cher has a new movie out. I must remember not to go and see it.

The dreadful boiling heat of the last week is gone now thank God. A cool change blew in yesterday dropping the temperature by about fifteen degrees in as many minutes. A cold wind is blowing and rain threatens. What the hell kind of Summer is this anyway?

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