Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Plague Update #51 - We're All Doomed, Again

 Well that escalated quickly.  One day I was sitting at home quietly waiting for my blood to coagulate after receiving my first vaccine shot the next I was thrown into lockdown.  Just in case I felt lonely the entire city of Sydney was tossed in after me.  Now the plague once again runs rampant through our fair nation leading to an outbreak of Category-5 level bitching between various governments as they desperately attempt to apportion blame.

My own state government so long the federal government's golden child now has the same sort of expression on its face that your spaniel gets when it is caught crapping on your bed.  Down in Victoria of course they are sniggering behind their hand and cheerfully banning flights from the affected areas.  Up in Queensland (perhaps unsurprisingly of a different political stripe to the federal or NSW governments) they have been somewhat more robust.  Their chief health officer was wheeled out to publicly announce that people shouldn't pay any attention to what the prime minister is saying.  A fair point but not one I would have thought needed to be explicitly stated.

And all eyes are on the vaccination program.  Or rather why the hell our vaccination program doesn't actually seem to be vaccinating too many people.  Queensland (again) has dropped dark hints that we might be running out of vaccine.  Such things are pooh poohed by the federal government which points out that a lot of people (including me) have received their first vaccination shot and can therefore be considered semi vaccinated.  So I guess I can only catch semi COVID.

In its most significant response to date the federal government has put a soldier in charge of the vaccine rollout.  This is a great idea as it allows the government to accuse anyone with complaints about the rollout of failing to support our troops.  Or at least one of our troops, I understand we have several.

My own personal little lockdown continues apace.  So far its a little difficult to tell the difference between lockdown and my actual life.  I will have to go out quite soon.  I'm running out of coffee which is the difference between a comfortable sojourn at home catching up on reading and tearing my hair out in a hysterical rage while gibbering incoherently to myself.  To be fair a good deal of the incoherent gibbering happens whether I have coffee or not but there's a darker edge to it sans caffeine.

Meanwhile in South Australia the combined attention of government and health authorities seem to be focussed on a pregnant dog whose owners have been placed into isolation.  The dog is apparently doing well.  As for the owners, well they might have died for all anybody seems to care.

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