Monday, October 12, 2020

Plague Update #39 - Now With Added Victoria

 So let's see what's happening in Victoria.  Yes, that's right I said Victoria!  Once again I cast my gaze to the plague pit on my southern border despite the criticism of a certain Finn who shall remain nameless (if only because I'm not entirely sure how to pronounce his name).  The premier of that state (Victoria, not Finland) has now racked up a hundred press conferences since this pandemic reared its ugly but microscopically small head.  He spends most of them explaining why the plans he announced the previous day are not likely to be achieved and announcing replacement plans that he'll have to repudiate tomorrow.  Based on today's announcements the targets set for removing the shock collars and leg irons from the Victorian people are unlikely to be met but he's edging closer to the conclusion that at some point you just have to say "screw it" and hope for the best.

Also in Victorian news (eat that Tuomo) comes word of another resignation.  This time its a senior civil servant who has fallen on his sword, unlike the health minister who was dropped on hers from a great height.  Apparently some of the answers he provided to the enquiry charged with finding out how the state got itself into this mess were a little less than comprehensive or accurate.  Furthermore they were provably so.  In resigning he has set an example for the state's politicians not to follow.  And you thought that the White House had the highest list of coronavirus casualties.  The premier said it was "appropriate" that the man resigned.  Possibly the reason why the premier fronts every press conference himself is that he isn't confident anyone else will still have a job by the time the thing comes to an end.

Meanwhile we're learning more and more about the coronavirus itself.  For starters we've learnt that its a pretty materialistic little virus.  Latest research indicates that the virus can stay on banknotes for up to twenty eight days.  That means that the damn virus has considerably more contact with my money than I do.  I wonder if anyone has just suggested that it buy itself a house in the suburbs?  Apparently its also hanging out in our sewers so its probably ready for a change in scene.

The human response to the outbreak has been a little confusing.  The latest news in is that the pandemic has led to a large increase in the number of people volunteering to join the military.  This could be out of a desire to serve and help the people in a time of need but I suspect its because people have realised that the military are the only ones who are likely to be doing any foreign travel for the foreseeable future.  Possibly the next time we have a war there will be an explosion in the number of people studying virology.

If recruitment stays at this level its entirely possible that the navy will be able to put all of its ships into the water.  Principal sources of new recruits are women and former airline industry employees.  Which pretty much gives you an indication of who's been hit hardest by the pandemic so far.  Filling uniforms with bodies has been a struggle for our military in recent years and I wonder if there are any top brass out there quietly hoping that a vaccine may be a little further off than the rest of us would be really comfortable with.

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